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JAAN Technologies provides one-stop shopping for our customers with our Design & Build and Geothermal services.

JAAN Technologies Product Development services provide our customers the ability to conceive, design, and manufacture products for their marketplace. Existing products can be enhanced or created from an idea. Creating an economic advantage by automating a labor intensive, inefficient, or outdated process.

Our manufacturing, in-conjunction with our engineering group, feature Laser Welding, Cutting & Marking Work Cells, Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling, Manual Assist Ergonomic Tooling and related Assembly Automation Programs.

​We understand and apply ergonomic principals and use the simplest methods to improve manufacture ability of products and industrial equipment. We challenge ourselves to make our customers leaders in their fields. Our development teams creativity will ensure the success of your product.

​JAAN Technologies provides our customer the capacity to produce products to the highest level of performance benchmarks set.

​We build to existing engineering documents or can improve existing designs. Our design team can also provide Engineering services when needed. We work with our customers to develop new product lines that ensure competitiveness in the workplace. Process refinement with cost reduction and quality enhancement at the lowest cost.

​Innovative design coupled with uncompromising craftsmanship for the most discriminating customer.

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